Saturday, December 25, 2010

Steve Jobs named "Person of the Year" by The Financial Times

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, its now the turn of the ever-admired market revolutionary who has always been admired by the mass- Be it the iMac, iPhone or any piece of gadgetous beauty, the person has always been looked-up for his charisma and perseverance. The person founded companies like NeXT, Apple, Inc. and Pixar Studios in the worst periods of his life. If you're dumb enough to misidentify the person yet, lemme tell you that the person is Steve Jobs- CEO, Apple, Inc. =)

It's been around a week when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was declared The Person of the Year by the Time Magazine. Very well, but think again Time because FT has a very conflicting response to your announcement and the claim is equally strong.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Its snowing on this holiday season

Hi friends. I'm back on my blog after long as I realized that I was being way too cruel to my blog by not posting on it for this long. This time I'm in with some serendipity. As a part of my daily routine, I was surfing through the web when I, out of no purpose landed upon the official homepage. I felt that the page was not as it normally happens to be. Then I all of a sudden realized that it was snowing.Wordpress is celebrating this holiday season with the awesome snowblog way. Loved the way it was snowing there. Go! Check out the awesome effect and feel the cold this winter. Merry Christmas.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Google Instant- Search results at keystrokes

Howdy readers. Well, this is my second post of the day (this gives me the feeling of a proud blogger :P). Google is now playing with it's all time greatest service "Search" in order to improve it to the extent which people might have only dreamed about. This new search enhancement has been named Google Instant.

Flickr Click of the week #3

Photo Inspiration

Photo Courtesy Pablo.

Hello fellas. Apologies for the postponed posting of the session 3 of click of the week. But believe me this time I'm back with a bang. This week's theme is "Humming birds". And guess what! This time all the clicks have been picked from the photostream of a single Pro photographer- Pablo. Really! Hats off photography. All those macros have been taken so precisely that at one point of time I kept wondering within myself if these are real. Well yes they, of course, are. Anyway, enjoy the photographs and make sure to drop in your comments at the end of the page. Cheers! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello friends. Well, this post is for sure going to turn you guys in a frenzy. Oh yes! Apple has launched it's complete new range of iPods from Shuffle to Touch. The first time I saw these all I was able to say was- "WOW! THIS IS HEAVEN".

And guess what! iPod Touch now has FaceTime. So get going with your iPhone 4 mates and start your video confs on-the-go. And I suppose by now those sleek looks might have already engaged you into thinking of those erotic moments of you, with your hand touching the sensuous capacitive multitouch display. What more? You now have full HD video recording, so that, you capture the best moments of your life with not a pixel distorted.

iPod Nano, the second on the list, now comes with a full multitouch display that too in half the size. :D Things are turning so beautiful, so elegant day-by-day, thanks to Mr. Jobs and his team for their creativity and awesomeness.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Photo Inspiration

Photo Courtesy Brian Valentine.

Hi! I'm back with this weeks photo fantasy that I could not help myself from picking out of a single Flickr photographer's masterpieces. Well I suppose you might well understand after checking out the photographs why I was put into such a dilemma in picking them up. Brian Valentine simply swept me off my feet with his photographic collection on the show. I've categorized this week's clicks under the theme of "Dew Drops". Hope  you people like my collection and show the appreciation in your comments and likes. Cheers! See you guys back soon. Chao! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vimeo Pick of the Month #5 - Intersections

Hola readers! :) I'm back with the featured video section of the blog that was left untouched since the past few months. This month's video features "Intersections" that is a video presenting some really picturesque scenes surrounding the Grand Union in the UK. The video has been pictured and edited to its elegance by Rick Media.
Now a cliché though, yet I would say, please don't forget to record your comments regarding the post below at the comments section. In case you wish to connect to me follow me on Twitter @ikartik90 or on Facebook connected people. Cheers! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Photo Inspiration

Photo Courtesy Nathan Keirn.

Hello readers. Say hello to the first week of our weekly photography collection. Now on, there will be a post every week on Tech-Glide that will feature the best photos uploaded on Flickr every week. The selection of the photographs is cumulatively based upon the specific bias of the audience for a particular photograph + my personal liking. In case you wish to nominate some image, you can simply drop me a mail at my e-mail ID, drop a link at Twitter @ikartik90 or send me a message on Facebook at

Friday, July 16, 2010


Ever wondered what Google would have looked like in the world before the origin of the Graphical User Interface? Well if you're a real command line freak then all you need to do is go to Goosh actually stands for (unofficial) Google Shell. It is actually a browser enabled web-based interface powered by Google (uses Google's services) that gives you a CLI shell kind of an environment. It behaves like the Unix-based command line interface that lets you perform basic operations like basic keyword-based search, wiki search, checking your e-mail, translate between languages, perform calculations and lots more.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


First of all, Happy World Environment Day folks! On the same day as today, a 110 years back (i.e. 5th June, 1900), was the great inventor of holography, Sir Dennis Gabor born. And today, Google celebrates this event across the world. Dedicated to the birthday, Google has Doodled its logo representing a 3D holographic image.

Friday, June 4, 2010


This is my post #2 of the day just after I posted a review on TinEye reverse image search engine. I simply got inspired to post this second article in a shot after I came across these enormous statistics delivered by Search and Social regarding the user traffic on Stumble Upon across the past year(s). Stumble Upon has really been a content broadcasting-cum-social networking fame in a very short span of time since its launch in 2001. The following statistics speak enough to prove the point right.


Guys believe it or not, this is not an affiliate stuff or paid post that's gonna get me some kind of hot cash to wet my pocket. This is just one of those websites that I landed upon while stumbling across the web using the Stumble! button of my SU Toolbar (and that's why I say- "Stumbling works!"). This is a simple review that I was tempted to write on my own on this super-cool website just to spread some awareness about its "coolness" across the web.

Monday, May 24, 2010


As I had promised in my previous post to write on the basic things of web designing, here is an article that focuses on the basic aspects to keep in mind while designing a website. They say, if you're a salesman, then its not the product or the service, but rather, its the customer whose of prime importance to you, as he is the person to whom the stuff is targeted. In web designing as well, the case is somewhat the same. You need to customize the website according to the audience intended. Hence instead of directly designing a website in an ad hoc manner, I recommend that you try to perform a case study of your audience.

Saturday, May 8, 2010



Stumble Upon enables you to visit random website according to your tastes and hence you have a great chance of discovering really good web content that can be both knowledgeable as well as worth inspiration for posting on your website.
Not just that, SU also allows you to interact with people of your tastes and share web pages and web content of your liking with them and vice versa. Hence there is a great opportunity that you send any article of your choice to your subscriber which may in turn be sent to his subscriber and further stimulating a chain of visits, both direct and indirect to your blog arousing a possibility of greater reach depending on the quality of content and taste of user.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Since its launch, Apple, Inc.'s iPhone has been one of the best loved phones worldwide till date. With its sleek trendy looks and design it has nearly swept every day-to-day mobile phone user and critic of his feet. From it's feather-weight OS to it's capacitive touchscreen, every feature pulls the mob's attention to envy their own phone at it's first glance. And finally, the icing on the cake, it's ever-growing number of Apps that are said to be it's biggest positive, all make it a heartthrob in the global mobile phone market.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


With the Winter Olympics 2010 going on in Vancouver this season, the scenes are turning really freezing including the minute-by-minute focus of the media on every nudge of the event. The event is also on the rise on many social networking websites including Twitter and Facebook. Many promotional videos are out for the sake of propagation of the event across the world.

The above video is by the Freezelight Team cinematographed using timelapse technique. The whole movie has been shot with nearly 400 photographs in 4 days. But the most commendable point about the video is that while it was shot, the temperature was cracking approximately -30° C. Hats off!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


After all the long and painstaking wait of all the Blogger blogging freaks, its finally the time to cherish. "Blogger- In Draft" has ultimately come up with the feature of stand-alone pages. That's something like a dream come true for every loyal Blogger supporter. Ever since the concept of push-button blogging was brought in by Pyra Labs in the name of Blogger, there was an overwhelming demand for permitting addition of stand-alone pages on Blogger blogs.

Friday, January 29, 2010


This time I've got an awesome shot aligned loop-based video named Videogioco directed by Milkyeyes. The name sounds quite funny and so is this video. I love the way in which the head of the guy shifts places and transits from one form to the other. The sound expert Enrico Ascoli has worked the magic so beautifully that some scenes look real in themselves.

Hope you enjoy the video as well. Please make sure that you drop your comments regarding the video below. In order to suggest a video please drop it at my twitter ID: @ikartik90. Cheers!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


JavaScript- whenever I come across this word, I go crazy wondering the heavens the language is capable of creating with just the lightest code snippet necessary to work the magic. It sometimes makes me wonder if this language had been created by philosophers. JQuery and Mootools have always supported my former statement. In this post I show you a few of the most beautiful JQuery and Mootool Javascript widgets that I collected all the way browsing and stumbling across the web.