Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This post is regarding the torrent-based file sharing giant The Pirate Bay being auctioned at US $ 7.8 Million. Looks like the giant is still surviving the battle of the beasts. The company has suffered a lot of nightmares during the past season. First, it is sued for breaching copyright lawsuits. Then, its founders go to jail for the same. And, after all the mess is up, the company is auctioned to Global Gaming Factor X for US $ 7.8 Million.

But now the scene is turning out to be something different from what it looked like last fortnight. It seems the Global Gaming hasn't got enough funds to work out the deal. Okay, lets take a deeper look into the scene. It all started when Global Gaming hired Wayne Rosso, the former head of (A file-sharing company that was sued for copyright infringement by MGM and 27 other companies) to negotiate with music and other media biggies to get legal license for the website's contents.

Wayne has now quit Global Gaming. In an interview with CNET, Wayne said that the reason he quit Global Gaming was that the company hadn't been open in the necessary manners to him and that the company didn't seem to possess enough funds to takeover Pirate Bay with the bid.

The second issue with the takeover is that Pirate Bay, even after being sued for copyright infringement, still doesn't seem to remove the objectionable content from the website. Hence the consortium of companies that filed the lawsuit against the company, want The Pirate Bay to be shut down.
So, will the company be totally shut down, or will it be back on track with the host of torrents? Possibly not! Will it be seen back in the market for some other legal business? Share your opinions below! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009


It was not past a fortnight that the Mozilla Corporation released the patched version of its latest version of Firefox 3.5 series and today, the company sees a huge 50 Million downloads all over the world. Mozilla Corp. patched Firefox 3.5 to fix some security vulnerabilities in its TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine.

The download statistics of the browser have been placed in a Worldwide Real-Time Firefox Download Statistics web page. The US hosts greatest number of Firefox Downloaders accounting to approximately 20% of the net downloads. Following the United States are Germany, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, India, Japan, Poland and Italy.

These statistics are a live proof of the fact that Firefox is gaining a lot of authority in the browser world. The open-source project has seen a growth of leaps and bounds in the past years beating the growth rate of IE and other major releases ruling the markets.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AMAZON ACQUIRES ZAPPOS FOR US $ 900 MILLION, a multimillion enterprise serving online products and services market, is finally up with acquiring an online shoe retailing company The company has expectantly taken this decision after seeing the exponentially growing turnover of online shoe markets. is a privately founded company and has a reputation in the markets and among its customers since the past 10 years for its customer royalties such as free shipping and credit card shopping and loads more.

Online shoe markets have seen a growth of a whole of US $ 1 Billion in the past year accounting for US $ 4.3 Billion in 2008 as compared to US $ 3.3 Billion of 2007. And hopefully this is what has affined Amazon towards Zappos.

The current stats say that Amazon has acquired Zappos for 10 Million shares worth US $ 900 Million. The company has also announced an additional $ 40 Million for the employees working at Zappos.
This has been one of the largest transactional decisions in the history of

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Mobile market is one of the most rapidly developing industrial markets. Today approximately three-quarters of the the world's adult population affords mobile phones. Further, today internet is the widest source of communication media. Hopefully this is what has pulled search giant Google to peek into this sector.

Google has worked out a voice-based search utility for mobile phones. The search app was developed by the Google Team in India and takes care of Indian accent. This app is currently available for Blackberry phones but is soon expected to arrive for other handsets as well.

The developers at Google feel that with the cheap-growing of GPRS based mobile phones and with greater number of people exposed to internet through mobile phones, this feature can be extended to social networking sites as well.
Will this feature soon empower voice-scrapbooking as well?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Intel, the multimillion chip enterprise has announced to provide hardware support for the search engine giant, Google's Chrome OS. As soon as the news was on the buzz that Google is working on its new operating system based for Chrome web-browser, all the tech biggies started mapping their plans for having an entrepreneurship with the giant. First Nvidia, and now its Intel.

As state of current world market, Intel occupies more than 80% of hardware market. Google will of course need to work with Intel to get into business and get Microsoft out of business. Hope Google comes up with something good.
At least better than an OS stolen from Apple! :P

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Microsoft has buzzed up internet explorer users of security flaws in the software that can be illegally used by a hacker to breach ones system and possess the same access rights as the local user. Guessing the result? A possible system crash! :(

The problem was found in a program that serves the purpose of online video playing ActiveX Controls of the browser. The flaw, if successfully exploited by a cracker in particular, it can be used to gain the local user rights to access the computer which may have disastrous results.

Microsoft has advised its users to disable the ActiveX Controls till it launched the patched version of the software that the are working on with associates.
Why don't they advice their users to use Firefox? :P
The people at Microsoft are working to fix this problem and also developing a Windows security update to solve the problem.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Microsoft Bing- the most competent search engine by the company, which is said to be clashing against search giants, Google and Yahoo! will now have twitter feeds displayed in its searches. The best tweets for a particular keyword search will now be displayed in the Bing search results.

The update to the search engine is in order to provide better real time data feeds to the search. The search engine will also display the latest feeds on the Twitter charts. The reason why Microsoft chose twitter is evident from the fact that Twitter is the currently, most rapidly developing social networking communities on the web.

The idea seems to be innovative and is expected to improve Bing's ranking on the Search Engine charts.
Will Bing be able to jolt Google or Yahoo! by its latest update?

Post your comments to share your views. :)

Friday, July 3, 2009


Mozilla, the market giant that is currently in the buzz for its latest edition- Firefox 3.5 (Download link!) has come up with a whole range of its coolest ever Firefox 3 T-shirts.

Earlier this year Mozilla Inc. hosted an open source T-shirt designing contest which was invited by more than 2000 participants around the world. Out of all the submissions, five designs were polled for a final public voting. The contest was finally won by the lineup designed by Tracie Andrews- a professional graphic designer from the UK.

Although cool, the T-shirts will cost your pockets to some extent as well. Anyways, the T-shirts are now open for purchase at the Mozilla Store. Hope you find your best fit.
Wanna sponsor my T-shirt? :P