Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello friends. Well, this post is for sure going to turn you guys in a frenzy. Oh yes! Apple has launched it's complete new range of iPods from Shuffle to Touch. The first time I saw these all I was able to say was- "WOW! THIS IS HEAVEN".

And guess what! iPod Touch now has FaceTime. So get going with your iPhone 4 mates and start your video confs on-the-go. And I suppose by now those sleek looks might have already engaged you into thinking of those erotic moments of you, with your hand touching the sensuous capacitive multitouch display. What more? You now have full HD video recording, so that, you capture the best moments of your life with not a pixel distorted.

iPod Nano, the second on the list, now comes with a full multitouch display that too in half the size. :D Things are turning so beautiful, so elegant day-by-day, thanks to Mr. Jobs and his team for their creativity and awesomeness.

iPod Shuffle, not with too much of change, now comes with playlists and buttons. Yet the beauty, for which I love the Apple guys the most, remains intact and seems to be blossoming day and night. Formidable!

All these are now available for sale at the closest Apple store. So what are you waiting for dude? Go, check 'em out! They're all yours. Cheers! And yes, as always, stay cool and stay connected. :)

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