Monday, May 16, 2011

Facebook Spams: From Platform to Serial Disasters

Facebook is seeing a lateral disaster in the name of Apps that spread spam across the user community. These spams work as virtual worms that simply crawl from wall to wall. These apps, once liked and approved by the user, send malicious posts to the victim's connections through wall posts, chat IMs and even messages. The latest one in the list is a spam that claims to be a YouTube video in which the user at the receiving end is said to be tagged.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger is back to normal *sighs*

They say- "you realize things' worth when they part off you." Well, today I really realized how much I love my blog. I could simply feel it in every bit of me- The pain of not being able to make a post when you're really eager and itchy to write down something and showcase it to you friends and everyone across the seven seas. I missed my blog like never before within these 10-15 hours when I actually thought of writing an article and tried to reach the Blogger Dashboard to finally realize that it was down without a clue for maintenance.