Friday, July 16, 2010


Ever wondered what Google would have looked like in the world before the origin of the Graphical User Interface? Well if you're a real command line freak then all you need to do is go to Goosh actually stands for (unofficial) Google Shell. It is actually a browser enabled web-based interface powered by Google (uses Google's services) that gives you a CLI shell kind of an environment. It behaves like the Unix-based command line interface that lets you perform basic operations like basic keyword-based search, wiki search, checking your e-mail, translate between languages, perform calculations and lots more.

The mastermind thinker behind this sleek and savvy interface is Stefan Grothkopp who created this wonder and let it open-source for the rest of the developer world. If you feel that you're one of those hell-bound developers who's capable of bringing miracles out of this slick shell interface then you must give it a try at:

Certain features of the website are still meta-stable, specifically the gmail, login and logout ones. So take ample care before you use them to make sure that it incurs no loss to you. Your comments, as always, are cordially invited in order to help build a better understanding between you and me to make a much social web. Cheers!

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