Sunday, February 14, 2010


After all the long and painstaking wait of all the Blogger blogging freaks, its finally the time to cherish. "Blogger- In Draft" has ultimately come up with the feature of stand-alone pages. That's something like a dream come true for every loyal Blogger supporter. Ever since the concept of push-button blogging was brought in by Pyra Labs in the name of Blogger, there was an overwhelming demand for permitting addition of stand-alone pages on Blogger blogs.

People wanted stand-alone pages for the purposes including- adding a contact form and contact details, adding detailed personal information and even adding personal social networking links to interact live with the web mob. The demand rose so high that people even came up with hacks to make their blogs virtually support stand-alone pages in the form of pre-subscription posts.

Now that Blogger has come up with the concept of stand-alone pages, it supposedly would bring about a boon in the number of bloggers turning towards Blogger- In Draft to write their blogs.

As of now, Blogger allows you to create 10 stand-alone pages which is fair enough to make a good author interactive website as stuffing  your website with  a lot of pages makes it look quite messy. The pages will resemble normal blog posts, even though they won't appear in your feeds. You would be able to create and manipulate your pages via the "Edit Pages" link under the "Posting" tab.

Now, as Blogger is showing some scope of improvement, it ought also to focus on a few more areas such as:
  • Templates for better interactivity
  • Plug-ins for better performance
  • PHP support for better coding possibilities
 If all the above suggestions are keenly taken care about by Blogger (rather Google), then the day is not far when Blogger will be back with a bang to compere with it's rivals i.e. Wordpress, TypePad, Posterous etc. and numerous others.
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