Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas: Santa's Google Search Tips [VIDEO]

Really? You Google? You gotta be kidding me! Not has it been a full day when I posted Apple's new Ad featuring Santa using Siri on iPhone, and now, it's Google's turn. What more? With Google, not only does Santa use Google products and services, he also "Raps"! Yeah, you heard me right.

Google seems to behave more like a copycat these days. Copied Android features from the iThings, now even an Ad? C'mon Google, you're better than that. And guess what- The ad mandated to show Santa using Iris (Android's Siri) because the Santa iPhone ad was highly Siri oriented.

One question puzzles me though. Who writes raps at Google? I just knew the guys who wrote in code there. Now I read a comment on the Youtube page where the video was uploaded which said-
the guys at google must've been bored as hell.
Really guys! I had the same first feelings. I re-checked the channel for I thought I'd by chance landed upon RWJ or Smosh or YourFavoriteMartian or the like. What do you think of  the video? Let know through your comments or drop me a tweet @ikartik90.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas: Ad Features Santa with iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

Merry Christmas folks! Seems this time Santa's gonna make it to your home for sure. Well, how can I be so sure? Because now even Santa has got an iPhone. This new ad video features Santa using the iPhone 4S with Siri. What more do I say? "Well, if you still don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone."

Hope Santa visits you too for he has 3.7 billion appointments. ;) Enjoy the video. Cheers! And Merry Christmas again. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Twitter Gets a Redesign, Brings in Brand Pages and More

As per a recent news update, Twitter is going to see a major redesign citing the upcoming brand pages for the various brands on Twitter. The new redesign seems to be very interesting which involves the complete revamp of the way we interact with others on the twittersphere. Yes! Twittersphere is evolving, and evolving for the good.

This major redesign and the brand pages feature comes in just a month after Google+ launched the brands feature. Maybe Twitter is gearing up for the upcoming social media war, already into it's cold stage. Closely spotting, Google+ seems not much a threat to any other social network than Twitter, which is currently rope-walking between the ends of a dreadful death and an epic success.

As the video depicts, the new re-design involves a greater emphasis on the @Mentions (@Connect in the video) and #hashtags (#Discover in the video). The current right sidebar that shows the who to follow and the trending hashtags has been shifted to the left. The design changes would also reflect upon the mobile versions and apps for specific mobile devices.

Brands will get specifically customizable pages of their own with many page-specific features like holding a tweet always on the top of other tweets, and showing the content of the photo/video attached to the top-tweet implicitly without the user taking any action.

I liked the overall design update. Would rather rate the design update an 8.5/10. Thumbs-up Twitter. Great job guys. Hope the UX update works equally great as it looks.

What do you think about the upcoming Twitter update? Drop me a tweet @ikartik90 on twitter. Till my next post, stay tuned. Cheers! :)