Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Photo Inspiration

Photo Courtesy Brian Valentine.

Hi! I'm back with this weeks photo fantasy that I could not help myself from picking out of a single Flickr photographer's masterpieces. Well I suppose you might well understand after checking out the photographs why I was put into such a dilemma in picking them up. Brian Valentine simply swept me off my feet with his photographic collection on the show. I've categorized this week's clicks under the theme of "Dew Drops". Hope  you people like my collection and show the appreciation in your comments and likes. Cheers! See you guys back soon. Chao! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vimeo Pick of the Month #5 - Intersections

Hola readers! :) I'm back with the featured video section of the blog that was left untouched since the past few months. This month's video features "Intersections" that is a video presenting some really picturesque scenes surrounding the Grand Union in the UK. The video has been pictured and edited to its elegance by Rick Media.
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Monday, August 2, 2010


Photo Inspiration

Photo Courtesy Nathan Keirn.

Hello readers. Say hello to the first week of our weekly photography collection. Now on, there will be a post every week on Tech-Glide that will feature the best photos uploaded on Flickr every week. The selection of the photographs is cumulatively based upon the specific bias of the audience for a particular photograph + my personal liking. In case you wish to nominate some image, you can simply drop me a mail at my e-mail ID, drop a link at Twitter @ikartik90 or send me a message on Facebook at