Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Blogger might lose it's share in the blogging platform race

The day before drafting this article, I was simply wondering what made, a Google owned blogging service, lose it's share to newbie blogging services that germinated at the birth of web 2.0. And yes, I got a lot of reasons that highly favored the argument.

I hope the Blogger loyalists don't mistake me. I have no grudges against Blogger. I myself am a Blogger user and I love the service, but it's quite a fact and we ought to accept it that Blogger needs a boost to get back into the race.

The birth of the 2.0 era of the web marked the emergence of some of the most impressive blogging services such as Wordpress by Automattic, paralleled by Tumblr and Posterous recently. And Blogger, originally founded by PyraLabs, was the only dominant service then. Yet, it has either lost or has been losing it's share in the blogging space to other miniature services specified above. Why? In this article, we discuss each reason point by point towards the above argument.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Google planning an Android-ChromeOS Cocktail for tablets?

Well, I just planned to write this article spontaneously as I was going through an article on CNET news regarding the prospective symptoms that Google has shown towards deploying it's web-browser based cloud operating system, the ChromeOS, for tablet devices. According to CNET reporter Stephen Shakland, Google's latest released version of the Cr-48 OS's source code depicts multiple signs that the multi-billion dollar tech and Internet market giant is planning to push the product towards tablet devices. Even though the web OS has not seen it's official release yet, the web app store, that will act as it's prime backbone is already serving for the Google Chrome webkit browser.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tim Stevens appointed as the new Engadget Editor-in-Chief

AOL, the American global Internet services and social media company, has finally confirmed that Tim Stevens will replace Josh Topolsky as the new Editor-in-Chief of, AOL's technology news website.

It has now been around 3 weeks that Josh officially announced that he was resigning his job as the Chief Editor of Engadget. After quitting Engadget Josh has joined the Gang of Eight, a new tech news startup by a group of Engadget dropouts.