Monday, November 28, 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di : Chartbuster Underdog [VIDEO]

Why This Kolaveri Di by Sony Music India on YouTube

"Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di..." These are the words from the underdog song from the upcoming Kollywood movie "Three" that has soared the heights of Internet celebration from nowhere in a matter of twelve days from it's release. The song that released on the 16th of November turned into a Social Media viral with over 8 million YouTube hits and over a million shares on facebook.

The song intends to depict a drunk guy who's singing a song regarding his love failure. The song happens to be both funny and silly at the same time. When asked about the song, the Tamil actor and the singer of the song said that the song was only worth a bathroom singer. The rustic "kuthu" beats make the song even more catchy and enjoyable.

Kolaveri, the word that means "killing spree", turned out a real killing spree on YouTube. YouTube has added the song on it's "trending/most recommended" list. Not just that, #kolaveri also trended on twitter on 21st November, 2011. Now, if you've not yet listened to the song, then you're probably out of sync with today's world for even my mom knows the lyrics. ;)

If you've not listened to it, do check it out. I bet you'll enjoy the song (like I did). Do you think the song is worth it's hype? Let me know @ikartik90 on twitter.

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