Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Google Plus : Should You Be Interested? [Slides]

Presentation by Real Talk Design on Slide Rocket

Real Talk-Creative Communication has put up a very promising presentation regarding why we should keep our eyes on Google+ as an emerging social media (though I felt that the presentation shifts to explaining the various features of Google+ just near the end). Google has been into exploring it's place in the social media business since it's (social media's) inception. In spite of having met immense number of challenges and suffering many failures Google repels to quit. It's not the time to appreciate Google for it's bravery (we'll come to that later), rather it's time to find the answer to why isn't Google willing to quit the social media business in spite of the backlogs and suffrage.

Back into the past as far as 2004, Google launched it's first social network- Orkut, one of the most famous social networks of it's times. Then, being on facebook didn't mean more than having an account on facebook. But today, we see what facebook has turned into, briefly- The social media Godfather. It's facebook today that dictates what comes in and goes out of the social networking world. Can we see an analogy here? Just as facebook was then compared to Orkut, isn't Google+ now to facebook? As the presentation says- even though Google+ is just at the brink of emergence, it mashes up beautifully some of the most requisite features of the most famous social networks- twitter and facebook, into one assembly and throws it out at your disposal. And ah! Social media is becoming more and more important day in and day out! Where it took a little over thousand days for facebook and twitter to reach the 20 million users mark, Google+ just seemed to achieve the feat in 24 day. Surprisingly, yes! Maybe someday we see the shift of the social world towards Google+ just in a turn of events (though that's not happening in the near future, I'm afraid).

Getting back to the question- why isn't Google getting out of the social media business despite the failures? Well, the answer is simple. Social media is the best way to get hold of users private information- what one does/does not, what one likes/hates, what one eats/drinks and what not. But why would Google bother about what you and I eat and drink? Isn't it already busy with it's next project down the line? I say, it's already working with it's next project by understanding you and me better. This way, Google becomes capable of featuring better targeted ads towards us. The more it knows about our habits, the greater the accuracy of the ads that it features for us. This consequently increases the probability of one clicking through the ad. I assume, you probably understand the intensity of targeting better ads towards it's users for a company like Google, that earns 97% of it's revenue from targeted ad services.

Do you think Google+ can be seen as the rising star of the upcoming social networking era? Would it be able to take over, or for that sake, parallel facebook/twitter in the social media race? Please leave a tweet @ikartik90 on Twitter. Cheers! :)

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