Monday, May 16, 2011

Facebook Spams: From Platform to Serial Disasters

Facebook is seeing a lateral disaster in the name of Apps that spread spam across the user community. These spams work as virtual worms that simply crawl from wall to wall. These apps, once liked and approved by the user, send malicious posts to the victim's connections through wall posts, chat IMs and even messages. The latest one in the list is a spam that claims to be a YouTube video in which the user at the receiving end is said to be tagged.

How do I secure myself form this chaos?

Being in a social community is like being a part of the society. It is not only our responsibility to safeguard ourselves from the bad, but also our duty to secure others form the same. But instead we take things quite lightly and land up being victims of such spam applications. Some basic steps that can be taken care of while using your Facebook account are:
  • Before approving any app, ensure that you know what it does and be sure of it's authenticity.
  • If you realize that any app is circulating spams, make sure that you spread awareness among your friends, and delete the respective posts marking them as spam.
Well, and those are very simple steps I guess and probably don't seem like any rocket science to do. Hope you follow them and be responsible facebookers. Till my next post, Cheers & stay connected. Do respond through the comments if I happen to miss any point regarding spams.

Update: New Spam Hits Facebook; This time "The Dislike Button"

This time a new spam has hit facebook and claims to be an activation page for the unclaimed "dislike" button activation on facebook. The spam seems to be spreading violently across the network spanning users belonging to nearly all countries.

With the number and intensity of the spams increasing day by day, is facebook taking things too lightly on the part of user privacy and security? Would this end here or would this go further to the extent of user data hijacking and private data theft? Should the social network incorporate an app validation mechanism or an app verification & validation team to prevent further spam accumulation on the network? What do you think? Let us know through your comments. Cheers! :)

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