Monday, April 4, 2011

Tim Stevens appointed as the new Engadget Editor-in-Chief

AOL, the American global Internet services and social media company, has finally confirmed that Tim Stevens will replace Josh Topolsky as the new Editor-in-Chief of, AOL's technology news website.

It has now been around 3 weeks that Josh officially announced that he was resigning his job as the Chief Editor of Engadget. After quitting Engadget Josh has joined the Gang of Eight, a new tech news startup by a group of Engadget dropouts.

Meanwhile, Steven, who had been working with many large tech and gadget news companies, and had been a part timer for a while at Engadget according to All Things D's Kara Swisher, comes in as the new Editor-in-Chief. Steve would be the fourth to take over the position following Pete Rojas, Ryan Block and Joshua Topolsky.

The news would probably be a positive note towards AOL, Inc.'s market cap as the company has seemingly continued losing it's share value since the past two odd months in spite of a lot of all it's efforts to gain public attention such as the huffington post takeover.

At his joining in as the Editor-in-chief of Engadget, Tim, today posted a salutation post titled Welcome to Engadget to address the readers and inform them about the newborn changes in the hierarchy. He also appreciated Josh's work and wished him good luck for the future. Also, he said that a host of new people were going to join the team.

Seems like the Engadget team has turned high on it's spirits with the new Chief Editor taking command. What do you think about the Engadget Editor-in-Chief 4.0? Will he be able to take the tech news giant to newer and greater heights? Share your views through your comments. Cheers! :)
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