Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doodle Jump clears the 10M Downloads milestone; Plans to diversify

The famous iOS and Android app has reached a prime milestone of it's life cycle- 10 Million downloads across iOS and Android platforms. The Lima Sky owned app celebrates it's second birthday the upcoming month (6th April, 2011). Lima Sky has announced to diversify and take the game to further platforms, about which I talk later in the post. The game lists itself amongst the top selling apps on both the iTunes app store and the Android market. The game is reported to see an approximate 28,000 downloads per day.

The game gains the popularity out of it's simplicity- Everything, be it design, gameplay or controls, the game has been designed to be optimum in every aspect, making it a perfect addiction for the user getting his/her hands on to it. The goal of the game is simple- To direct the 4-legged character named "Doodler" to the greatest height possible on the never-ending series of tile platforms by tilting your device in the respective direction and shooting at the obstacles by tapping the display in the respective direction. Talking of the design, the game has been made available in multiple themes including normal, Graveyard, Christmas, Rainforest, Space, World Cup, Easter, Underwater or Halloween and many more to come. The game has seen over 30 updates till date.

Lima Sky has decided to diversify as said above, having plans of taking the game to multiple platforms other than it's current mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Samsung Mystic), such as the iPad and the XBox Kinetic. Even though a social version of the game as announced recently for Angry Birds by Rovio has not been announced yet, but the company has planned to launch toys and comic books seeing the popularity of the game.

What is your opinion about Doodle Jump? How do you regard the future plans of Lima Sky citing the game? Drop your comments below and let us know. Cheers. =)

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