Sunday, March 13, 2011

Facebook hacker cup winners announced

If you've seen the movie "The Social Network",then probably you're quite familiar with this. The only difference- Now it is official and has a name, then it didn't. Yes, I'm talking about the Facebook Hacker Cup- A competition where the contestants are asked to solve a complex algorithmic problem, and the person who is able to do that the fastest and the best way out wins, and not only he/she wins, but also gets hired into "The Zuckerberg Gang". The contest has reached it's final stage and the person to create history by being the first Facebook Hacker Cup will be announced as soon as the round ends.

The contest began at a worldwide span with a total of 11,768 participants taking part to compete and show off their hacking skills, solving some of the most difficult algorithmic coding challenges in three elimination rounds online. Consequently, 25 finalists were selected and were taken to the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA to compete in the finals.

Amongst the finalists are 7 Polish, 6 Russians, 4 Americans, 2 Japanese and one hacker belonging to each of China, Germany, Holland, Singapore, Switzerland and Ukraine. The contestants were sat into their respective machines at 10:00am PST and were given three problems to solve, named, Alien Game, Safest Place and Party time, in the fastest possible time. Upon completion the hackers submit their code for evaluation, which will be evaluated and the results were announced based upon the time taken by each finalist.

The winner of the facebook Hacker Cup was Petr Mitrichev, bagging the first place. Anh Tuan and Tiancheng Lou followed the suit, bagging second and third place respectively. Petr was awarded with a prize money of $5000 as a reward for being the hacker cup world champion. Congratulations Petr.

That's it for now. Till the next post to jostle you up, chao. Stay connected for further updates. Cheers. =)

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