Monday, August 3, 2009


I was just going through some Technology news content on Yahoo! and what did I find- Firefox crosses 1 Billion downloads (article indexed from PCWorld). I just wondered how this could ever happen, because it was not more than around a week ago that I posted on Firefox crosses 50 Million downloads mark. It made no sense that the people around the world are now downloading Firefox at a rate greater than a rate at which they were downloading it the were downloading it at the time of its launch. So I tried to figure out the point in it.

As far as things are concerned, Firefox hasn't reached 1 Billion downloads mark yet. You might be thinking that this guy has turned nuts but the point is that my talk makes sense. Even you will be able to understand about the crap I am talking when you visit a web page of the Mozilla Foundation itself that updates you with the real time number of downloads of the number of worldwide downloads of Mozilla Firefox. The counts there haven't reached One Billion yet. Then what is the point in saying that Firefox has crossed One Billion downloads? Bit Confusing!

PCWorld's statistics are based on the statistics by CounterStat- an online firm that provides certain utilities including counting. That is the only point where the difference seems to arise! Hopefully, CounterStat and Mozilla Stats might be using two different counting algorithms and hence the result.

Still the kick that remains in the scene is that even Mozilla accepts that it has crossed One Billion downloads mark and will be launching the One Billion Plus You page on Monday. Lets see the other part of the scene. Go to Mozilla News & Events Page. There you can find the count has crossed One Billion and its even in the news that it has crossed the benchmark.
Now it stands up to you to decide which one is true. I am already a bit confused at the current scene. ;)

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