Friday, July 24, 2009


It was not past a fortnight that the Mozilla Corporation released the patched version of its latest version of Firefox 3.5 series and today, the company sees a huge 50 Million downloads all over the world. Mozilla Corp. patched Firefox 3.5 to fix some security vulnerabilities in its TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine.

The download statistics of the browser have been placed in a Worldwide Real-Time Firefox Download Statistics web page. The US hosts greatest number of Firefox Downloaders accounting to approximately 20% of the net downloads. Following the United States are Germany, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, India, Japan, Poland and Italy.

These statistics are a live proof of the fact that Firefox is gaining a lot of authority in the browser world. The open-source project has seen a growth of leaps and bounds in the past years beating the growth rate of IE and other major releases ruling the markets.

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