Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Amazon.com, a multimillion enterprise serving online products and services market, is finally up with acquiring an online shoe retailing company Zappos.com. The company has expectantly taken this decision after seeing the exponentially growing turnover of online shoe markets.

Zappos.com is a privately founded company and has a reputation in the markets and among its customers since the past 10 years for its customer royalties such as free shipping and credit card shopping and loads more.

Online shoe markets have seen a growth of a whole of US $ 1 Billion in the past year accounting for US $ 4.3 Billion in 2008 as compared to US $ 3.3 Billion of 2007. And hopefully this is what has affined Amazon towards Zappos.

The current stats say that Amazon has acquired Zappos for 10 Million shares worth US $ 900 Million. The company has also announced an additional $ 40 Million for the employees working at Zappos.
This has been one of the largest transactional decisions in the history of Amazon.com

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