Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Empathic Civilization [stop animation]

The Empathic Civilization is a stop animation illustrated by the RSAnimate team and narrated by Jeremy Rifkin, a bestselling author and political adviser. The video, as the title says, makes us realize about the origin of the existence of our circles, our religions, our beliefs etc. and in the process preaches us about establishing harmony, not just among the humankind but other races as well, say animal beings and further, who're mortals themselves.

What is this video doing on this social media (& design) blog, you might ask. Well, in the process of watching this video, I felt very moved with the fact that even though we tend to develop our social circles across the borders over the internet, its somewhere or the other that grudges still exist among the fellow us (me and you). For example, if we talk of Iraq or the Muslim community for that matter, the first thing that comes to our mind implicitly (at least mine) is a detest plagued by the prominent and active terrorist activities belonging to the region. Isn't that bad?

Though we're descendants of the same race deep back in time, we tend to fight for a thing, a belief, a border that perpetually doesn't exist. Does it make sense to fight for something that is not even permanent? This all sounds very much of a preaching, but needs a thought before we move on with our daily chores.

Sounds unrealistic, but even Galileo was laughed at when he proposed that the Earth moved around the Sun, and we all know today who got it right. Let's take oath that we'll all be a harmonic world now on and aid our fellow mates to make our mother Earth a better place to live in. Cheers! :)

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