Sunday, October 11, 2009


A good web page is always categorized by its design and user-friendliness at the first place. People often find web pages undigestable just because they don't find it pleasing and welcoming. A good web-designer would always keep in mind all the goods that a page must possess in order to be eye-catching and inviting for the visitor. Most people and organizations that invest for a website in order to expand their user circle fail just for the reason that the websites that are either homemade or freelanced are not welcoming and pompous.

Many people resort to this problem by using flash modules and vectors. But along with the bells and whistles, the page must also be light weight so that the user is not overburdened with the webpage and doesn't need to wait long to see a webpage at work.

All this can't be achieved at the tick of a clock. This needs a lot of work over even though easy but wonderous web-designing languages of which say, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (optional) are the basic edibles of a full-fledged website. To get this stuff working, I recommend you a few websites that will really get the work easy.


This is the one of the best web-designing tutorial that is available to you on the go. I allows you to learn, edit and refresh code snippets to make the learning interactive. It gives you the best breeding grounds for your web-designing skills. This website hosts multiple webpage designing languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML. Hence this website will of sure be of great help to groom you to the best through your basics.


After you are done with your basics, I would suggest you go for learning the utilization of your webpage to the best by dividing it into columns. For this you need this (i.e. 456 Berea Street) website. This website has a really good touch on how to create and work with columnar layout to ek the best out if your website.


If you realy think that you have to have a go-through over CSS again, I suggest you go for This website provides a detailed account of all the CSS attributes and properties that are mandatorily necessary while you are creating a web page. If you really want a quick go-through of what you read on w3schools' CSS section, then this site is really going to help.


WWW (W3) Consortium : The W3 Consortium is the website that maintains the standards of web-development and using HTML for web-designing. This can be of good yield for web-developers who wish to know the standards for web-development as defined by the Biggies.

JQuery : JQuery is the new revolution in JavaScript world that has enabled developers to design webpages that have flash-like animations and is still light-weight to load.

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