Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, a long way since my last post- Hola fellas! I dedicate this post to all the wanna-be photoshop geeks who are struggling to find a way to really trun and twist the brains of their most idiotic ex-significants out of their photographs. In this post I take you on a tour of all the most wanted photoshop tutorial websites.


This is a photoshop tutorial website that really speaks the truth behind its tagline- "Abducted by Design". If you really want to work on some website background images and such things, this website is really gonna help! The website also features the best encountered websites of the week that may server a further help. The site even helps you to make up logos and so on.


This is again a photoshop tutorial website that will inspire you just by its template design and page organization. The website hosts tutorials to create a wide range of stuff from business cards to social bookmarking icons and lots more of stuff. It also has a lot of see-and-learn stuff. You can even have tutotials on web layouts and textual effects. The website also provides a host of freebie stuff such as brushes and work out PSD files.


All the above was real professional sort of stuff. Well, if you are not really in a mood to wet your hands with the professional stuff, check this photoshop tutorial blog. This website has really worked well for me yet. It gives out a lot of good stuff, be it professional or not. The website has seldom got stuff of its own but it features other websites' photoshop works and serves as an online photoshop bookmark and believe me the content is really good.
Well, that's it for this time. Hope to catch you all soon with more cool stuff. Chao!

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