Monday, June 29, 2009


Microsoft, The Multimillion Software Enterprise has decided to pull off its MSN Web messenger online chat software, asking its users to use the Messenger integrated with Live People and Hotmail. Microsoft had provided an official deadline of 30th June, 2009 (Tomorrow!) to shut down it's Web Messenger Service. The company has also planned to pull off its Microsoft Money and Encarta on the same date.

Microsoft came up with this decision in order to streamline its investment on updates and to realign its services under one brand. Microsoft says that its main advantage lies in the fact that it lets you know if a person is online or not, so that you decide whether to send him/her a message or make a direct chat. Now how innovative is this idea? Google and Yahoo! have been doing this since generations. And that's what they call innovation- Same as they did with the multi-touch feature introduced in Windows 7. :P

Will the world like this change in Microsoft's strategy?

What's your reaction to it? Speak out through your comments!

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