Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Facebook Hack Massacre Hits Bengaluru City

According to a news article that featured in the Mid Day today, a facebook hack massacre has hit the city of Bengaluru. With over two hundred thousand accounts hacked, this is seemingly one of the biggest hacking spree that has ever hit facebook in any country across the world.

Reports say that the users' accounts were hacked and links to their photos morphed with pornographic and nudity-oriented images were posted on their respective walls as feeds to their friends and family. This might just be the beginning of the fiasco as Bengaluru city is just a speck when compared to the complete social graph that facebook hosts.

The preamble of the hacking spree might somewhere be related to the 5th November facebook hack claim by Anonymous. The attack has led to many of it's users leaving social networking and going on a social exile.

Facebook said that the hack resulted due to some browser vulnerability where the users were tricked into fetching malwares via their browsers, resulting in the sharing of pornographic and other offensive photographs in their feeds. Facebook also claimed that the group indulged in this fiasco had already been identified and it's legal team was into finding the apt solutions towards the problem.

With the fiasco already on it's high, the facebook hack seems to show the real consequences of risking your privacy into the wrong hands just for the sake of getting access to a video/image/text snippet worth nothing. Hence, I personally recommend you not to click on random links featuring on your claiming to provide you access to some third rated images/videos or the like. In case you need further assistance regarding the do's and the don'ts in order to maintain a safe access of your facebook and other social networks, I recommend you read this article regarding facebook spams.

Do you think facebook's openness as a platform for all is costing the users their bit of privacy? What do you feel about the reason behind the hacking fiasco that has led to users taking social exile? Do let know through your comments below. Till my next post, adios! :)

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